R. Törley Mária
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Iam a sculptor of figural compositions.

My power is said to lie in my expressiveness. I work with an elementary zeal, with passion, fast. What intrigues me is the totality of life including MAN. The great hero. The saint. The sinner. The fallible, everyday, suffering, lonely and happy man. I keep searching whatís good and whatís bad in him. Why it he as he is? ďThere are many marvellous things on earth but nothing is more miraculous than man.Ē

I like doing portraits. First I have to get to know the person thoroughly, I have to discover the important components of his or her personality. Be the person alive or dead, I want to know as much as possible, because thatís the only way to condense his personality in a single statue, thatís when the miracle can happen. Whether itís the portrait of a handsome young man, a sensitive artist or a great historical personage, it is always the personality to be explored first to have the person come alive beneath the forms. When it is an artist, his or her works must be studied, when it is a historical person, the age in which he lived must be learnt. When I have read or heard enough the picture assembles in my mind. I must wait out the moment when I feel, inside, that itís my job, I can do it. Then the work can proceed fast.

I humanize my sculptures of musical instruments as well. My female- and male-headed instruments dance, court each other. I play in the realm of music. I enjoy humour, giving fillips. I try to give music plastic form, rewrite the score in space.

A major range of my work comprises sculptures on sacred topics. They are manifestations of my faith. That is perhaps why my sacral works are successful. It is hard to find the balance between reason and emotion, to avoid a work becoming either too cool or too sentimental.

Sacred objects have a mission: they have to create the link between heaven and earth, to touch the universe. It is a great challenge and responsibility to follow and rival the great artists of the past 2000 years. But I like challenges. Just as I like life and people.

Iíd like to show up what is worth living for, what is worth noticing. At the beginning of the third millennium order, measure seem to have been disrupted. Iíd like to preserve values. To counterbalance the hideous with beauty, distortion with wholeness, morosity with playfulness, destructive passion with creative zeal. Iíd like to convey peace instead of unrest, love instead of hostility, trust in God instead of a fear of the future.