R. Törley Mária
Curriculum vitae

Mária R. Törley

1974-1977 private pupil of sculptor János Andrássy Kurta
1977-1981 student of the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts, pupil of sculptor József Somogyi
Member of the National Union of Hungarian Creative Artists, the Association of Hungarian Artists and Designers, the Molnár C. Pál Society


In 1997 a book was published of her work under the title "Sculpture of hope". In 1999 a catalogue of her sacred works was compiled, and catalogues were published of her exhibitions in France in 2001 and in Krakow and Berlin in 2002. All the publications were brought out by the Katedrális Art Company.

Mária Törley has had several individual showings in various Hungarian towns and the capital, as well as in Vienna, Munich, Lyon, Tours, Krakow and Berlin from 1982 to our day. She has been included in collective exhibitions at home and in Paris, Rome, Pompeii and Ravenna.

Sculptures in public places and buildings:

Tomb of sociologist Péter Józsa 1982 Nagyrákos, limestone, 140 cm

"Szent Márton" Church, Budapest, Vizafogó:

  • The Supper at Emmaus 1985 bronze, 40x50 cm
  • Corpus 1990 Budapest-Vizafogó, St Martin Parish Church, plaster, 200 cm,

    Ottó Hermann 1990 in the Hermann Ottó Primary School, Budapest, 16th district, cast stone, 40x70 cm
    Little boy with a fish, fountain 1991 Hotel Gellért, Budapest, silicate bronze, 200 cm
    Patrona Hungariae 1991 Budapest, Adalbertinum, silicate bronze, 120 cm
    Corpus 1991 Budapest, Adalbertinum, plaster, 120 cm
    Bust of factory founder József Törley 1992 Budafok, Törley Champagne Factory, bronze
    Tomb of textile artist Lujza Gecser 1992 Budapest-Farkasrét, Cemetery, silicate bronze, 190 cm
    Bust of the "Iron Minister" Gábor Baross 1992 Budapest, 16th district, 8 Baross st., silicate bronze, 5/4 lifesize
    Instruments in love 1992 Budapest, Institute for Musicology, silicate bronze, 60 cm

    Sculptures of silicate bronze at the Roman Catholic Church of Tótszerdahely:
    1992, 1993, 1994:

  • The heart of Christ (220 cm),
  • The Virgin with the Infant (120 cm),
  • St John the Baptist (120 cm),
  • St Antony with the little Jesus and a dolphin (160 cm),
  • Corpus (60 cm) and
  • 16 reliefs of the stations, 40x70 cm each

    Lucullus fountain 1994 Budafok, György Villa, bronze, 60x60x40 cm
    Adam and Eve altarpiece 1994 Budapest-Terézváros, Parish church crypt, terracotta, 150x90x45 cm
    St John of God 1995 Budapest, 2nd district, Frankel str. (Hospital of the Order of Charity), silicate bronze, 160 cm
    Ferenc Kölcsey 1995 Sopron, Deák square, bronze, 3/2 lifesize
    Lifesize bust of Aladár Rácz 1996 Budapest, 16th district, Rácz A. Music School, bronze
    Nicholas von Flue and his family 1997 Kozármisleny, Monastery church, lifesize group, silicate bronze
    Bust of musicologist Antal Molnár 1997 Budapest, Molnár A. Music School, bronze, 5/4 lifesize
    St John the Baptist 1997 Ráckeve, Municipal Gallery, silicate bronze, 120 cm
    St John of God 1997 Budapest, Providencia Insurance Co. Centre, bronze, 60 cm
    Ferenc Kölcsey, relief pair 1998 Budapest, 16th district, Kölcsey Primary School, bronze, 2 x 120x80 cm

    "Mindenszentek Plébániatemplom" Budapest, Farkasrét:

  • Blessed Vilmos Apor Budapest, crypt of the All Saints Parish Church, bronze, 55 cm
  • Corpus 1998 in Farkasrét, bronze, 37x67 cm

    Margit Trugly, relief 1998 Budapest, St Roch Hospital, silicate bronze, 60x40 cm
    "Flora" fountain 1998 Nagykáta, Farkas Phramacy, bronze and red marble, 200x60x40 cm
    Béla Lengyel, 5/4 portrait 1998 Budapest, ELTE University, Faculty of Sciences, assembly hall, bronze
    Lucullus fountain 2000 Verőce, private villa, bronze figures 5/4 lifesize in Croatian limestone basin
    St Bernard 2000 Pécs, Nagy Lajos Secondary School, bronze, 160 cm

    Millenary monuments:

  • Patrona Hungariae 2000 Nagykáta, Dózsa György street, bronze, 120 cm
  • St Gerhard 2000 Diósd, Templom square, bronze, 220 cm
  • Monument commemorating the country's foundation with St Stephen 2001 Budapest 16th district, Park of the self-government, bronze, 500x300x300 cm
  • St Stephen 2001 Tardoskedd, Slovakia, bronze, 5/4 lifesize

    Teréz Brunszvik with two children 2002 Martonvásár, Castle Park, bronze, 140x90x50 cm
    St Elizabeth of Hungary 2002 Budapest, 1st district, 28 Bem quay, bronze, 200 cm
    Bust of Ágost Schöpf-Mérei 2003 Pediatric Clinic I, Budapest, 53 Bókay st., bronze, 3/2 lifesize
    Autumn, fountain with lifesize female figure 2004 Sopron, Pannónia Med Hotel, Süttő limestone and bronze, 300x120x80 cm